What is the difference between Open Heart and Reiki Tummo workshops?


Both Reiki Tummo and Open Heart workshops

are designed to open and strengthen our heart, which is the centre of feeling, of calmness, peacefulness and true joy as it is the key to our connection to the Source of Life. In all of the workshops you will experience a deepening of your understanding of the heart. Some people have a preference for the energy channelling route offered through Reiki Tummo, while others,  the Open Heart route.


Reiki Tummo practices

use techniques which help to activate and cleanse our whole self, physically and non-physically.  These techniques remove blockages and habits of behaviour, which cause limitations in the development of our whole being. Parts of ourselves that are usually dormant and inactive become active and in the process create exciting shifts in our whole being and environment.

Reiki Tummo while having the many benefits offered by energy channelling practices, serves a fundamentally different primary purpose to all other energy channelling approaches in that it is not specifically designed for healing, but for the process of bringing practitioners closer to the Divine and enlightenment.


The Open Heart workshops

are specifically designed to directly strengthen and open our heart and in the process build and strengthen our connection through our heart to the Source of our True Selves.

To find out more about workshops in Melbourne, please click on the links below...

Open Heart Workshops
Reiki Tummo Workshops

More detailed information about the Reiki Tummo spiritual practice is available on the main Reiki Tummo website: www.ReikiTummo.com and the benefits of opening your heart and be found here: www.open-you-heart.org.au


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