Open Heart Meditation

Open Heart Meditation™

There are many kinds of meditation techniques, ranging from active ones where the practitioner controls their breath, to focusing the mind or by visualization. Other kinds of meditation are more passive where the meditator just relaxes and tries to calm or still their mind from thinking. All of these meditation techniques are focused at easing brain activity while benefiting the body and mind.

What is Open Heart Meditation?

Open Heart Meditation is different to other meditation techniques because it is about strengthening the spiritual heart (centre of feelings) to connect with the True Source of Love and Light so we are able to let go of any kind of negative emotions which have caused us stress or problems.

By doing Open Heart Meditation we can feel the Love and Light radiate from our spiritual heart naturally and freely. As we repeat the Open Heart Meditation regularly the quality of our heart improves and the nice feelings from our heart develops and grows. As our heart opens and strengthens we feel healthier and happier in our daily life, and enjoy sharing this Love with others.

Some of the benefits Open Heart Meditation gives:

Simple and enjoyable to do

Increases your awareness in daily life

Reduces negative emotions in daily life

Relieves you from past emotional problems

Better quality of life - able to follow the heart and feeling

Promotes decisions based on heart feelings rather than logic or emotions

Promotes more positive interactions with others

Feeling happier, more joyful and grateful in daily life

More naturally radiant complexion

Stronger more open spiritual heart

More complete information on Open Heart Meditation can be found at:

Weekly Group Meditation

Our hearts, and our Divine connections, are always so much stronger in a group, so it is much easier to feel and enjoy the practice together. Meditation becomes deeper and more beautiful. As well as improving our connection, our hearts learn from one another, so doing the same meditation in a group is many times more effective than practising it alone.





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