Spiritual Retreat Program – Tasmania July 2017!

We are very excited that the founder of Padmacahaya will be coming to Australia in July !!! :

Please check back here for all the details and registration coming soon



We are happy to announce that in July 2017 we will be having a Spiritual Retreat and MRT 


Venue: Tamar Valley Resort (Near Launceston which is the nearest airport)


Arrival Date 12th July 2017


Inner Heart 13 July 2017


Spiritual Retreat 14,15 July 2017 


MRT 16 July 2017 



Spiritual Retreat Program – the next step!

Once you have attended the Reiki Tummo or Open Heart workshops you can then attend the Inner Heart workshop and Spiritual Retreat. The Inner Heart and Spiritual Retreat workshops are a big step forwards continuing the heart-opening spiritual journey begun with the local Reiki Tummo and Open Heart workshops.

Advanced Tummo techniques and deeper spiritual understandings are given during Spiritual Retreat to enrich your spiritual practices and prepare you to expand your consciousness towards higher levels. This is a wonderful way to access the blissful freedom of your inner self and most importantly to learn to open your heart more and more.

We are very fortunate to have had the founder of Padmacahaya, Irmansyah Effendi teach these Spiritual Retreats here in Australia every year since 2004, in Hobart or Melbourne. The Spiritual Retreat usually happens over Saturday and Sunday, and the Inner Heart Workshop on the Friday which is a pre-requisite and is always included as part of all Padmacahaya Spiritual Retreats. It is a critical part of preparing our hearts for the learning that happens during the 3 days.

Prerequisites for the Spiritual Retreat are:

1. To have completed Reiki Tummo Levels 1, 2, 3A, Meditation and Kundalini and Inner Heart OR to have completed Open Heart Workshops 1 through 6.

2. To have completed Open Heart Prayer either:

- 10x in a practice group with senior alumni or on line in one of the chat/prayer rooms; or

- 5x in a practice group with senior alumni or on line in chat room plus on your own 10x;

- 20x Open Heart Prayer on your own.

Mastering Reiki Tummo (MRT)

On the Monday (day 4), Mastering Reiki Tummo (MRT) is offered to people who have attended Spiritual Retreat twice.

Mastering Reiki Tummo workshop is an advanced step towards understanding the core lessons in all levels of Reiki Tummo. During this workshop, one will learn how to apply the appropriate attitude of all spiritual lessons in practice and in daily life.

This workshop will enhance every aspect of daily life and improve your practices to the highest level yet. Enjoying the deepest peace, calmness and joy while strengthening your heart and raising your awareness and conscious levels, this workshop will have a powerful impact on all who attend.


Have attended Inner Heart workshop and Spiritual Retreat 2x, has joined Open Heart Meditation or Prayer a minimum of 15 times in a group session with a senior alumni or on the internet prior to workshop attendance.

For more complete information about furthering your spiritual journey, Enlightenment and YOGA you can visit Padmacahaya Curriculum at the main website.

Further information about our Spirtual Journey can be found at Padmacahaya International Institute for Inner Study
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