Understanding what it means to open our heart and how we need to let go of our efforts in the process.

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In this post, we explore what we call "Heartfulness".

Heartfulness is the process of actively allowing our hearts to be opened to the Love and Light that wants to open our heart.  When we are "heartful" we are engaging in an effortless process that acknowledges that we cant open our hearts!  This is why we need to be clear about what our responsibility is in the opening of our heart.

Because we are so use to being "involved" in our activities - which means we consider that is US who is behind every activity - we find it almost impossible to let go of that "doing" part.  IN reality, the process of our heart opening is TOO easy!  We keep thinking there must be something else that we should be doing for our heart to be opened.  But that very activity, is actually contributing to blocking the divine energy from doing what is a completely natural and automatic process: the opening of our heart to the essence of the Universe and the Existence: Love.  

'So our responsibility in the opening of our heart is very straightforward:  It is to enjoy the process!  To accept what is happening as a beautiful and natural correction of our state of being which is currently not as it should be.  We are not as we should be because of all the choices we have made in the past where we made choices that were not consistent with the essence of our existence, ie they were Non-Loving.  Whenever we chose anger, jealousy, hatred, greed, etc etc, we actively turned our backs on our true nature.  This has created a reality where we experience separation from each other, our environment, and of course, the Source of Love and Light - our Source, our Creator.

Heartfulness is different to Mindfulness in one very important way.  When we are being mindful, we are engaging as the one that is being aware, watching our thoughts and in essence "being involved".  Mindfulness has remarkable results that brings great peace to our minds and helps us to accept "what is", allowing us to be more present, more aware and less stressed to name just a few things.  Heartfulness on the other hand requires us to let go of any effort, or technique so that we shift from being the "observer" to being the "experiencer".  There is no subject in heartfulness as a result, we are becoming a part of the very essence which is bringing us into that state.  A kind of "melting" happens and we are brought closer to the Source of our True Self.

Steve Ray is an Open Heart Instructor who has been working in the field for more than 8 years. He previously worked in the environment movement and in environmental education helping young people create stronger connections with nature and the Earth. He is also a Groupwork Facilitator, helping teams of people to connect with each other and communicate with more heart and compassion.
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