Understanding what it means to open our heart and how we need to let go of our efforts in the process.

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How to Open Your Heart - Part 2

Opening our heart… Part 2

By Irmansyah Effendi


So, how do we do it?  What are the steps?


The first key is to realise that in fact “we” can’t do it!  All we can do is to set up things in such a way that we begin to stop our blocking of what is a very natural process.  It’s the blessings from True Source that open our heart and this is one of the main reasons why it’s taken us so long to start using it properly.  One of the strongest concepts we have is the one that links output to effort in such a way that says we get more out of anything if we put more in.  When it comes to the heart, this concept is turned on its head.


Step 1 in opening our heart involves two important keys:


1.    Don’t let your brain block your heart

2.    Allow your heart to be free naturally on its own.


1. Don’t let your brain block your heart

Our brain blocks our heart with its constant thoughts.  Those thoughts often generate harmful emotions that create negativity in our heart.  While this is quite normal (so no need to worry about that!) its not our natural state.


When we relax our body we can start to let go a lot of the brain chatter.  Naturally, like any skill, it will become more natural and enjoyable with time and practice


2.    Allow your heart to be free naturally on its own.


When you are relaxed and your brain isn’t blocking, your heart will be free naturally on its own.  To kick start the process we can stimulate our heart by smiling!  Smile freely, easily and happily.  All the time.  With practice your heart will become free all on its own.


Again, this might take some time, because we are still lost in our thoughts which can cause stress and stop us from smiling freely and naturally.


So, the four key steps in doing heart exercises are

1. Relax

2. Close your eyes

3. Touch your heart

4. Smile to your heart


The first two steps may seem obvious and the second two a little curious!  But, there are important reasons behind each one and they are actually very natural for our heart.


·      Relaxing means our mind and body.  There are so many ways we guard our heart by holding tension in our body.  And we so often limit how relaxed we can be.  So when you feel really relaxed, simply relax even more.


·      Closing our eyes helps our brain to be more relaxed because its so often associated with the ‘activity’ of rest or sleep.  The main thing is we are blocking outside visual stimuli from activating our mind.


·      Touching our heart (in the centre of our chest at the same height as our armpit) helps to awaken and activate our heart.  Because we so seldom use our heart in our daily life, this physical action really helps.  Just by using one or two fingers to touch and then enjoying the feeling from our heart is all that’s needed.


·      Smiling to our heart?  Yes!  Smiling sweetly and freely to our heart helps our heart to grow stronger.  Feel how easy and gentle the feeling is and just let it become more dominant.  Don’t think about where your heart is, or visualise the process or bend your head to look at your heart.  Just stay relaxed and let it happen!  Being natural is the key.


Once you have tried this process a few times your heart will grow stronger and open more. It may take time and you may feel pressure to begin with.  As our heart is connecting to the Love and Light from True Source, the blessings naturally flow into our heart – that’s what creates the nice feeling.  We may experience pressure just as rusty doors that have not been opened for awhile creak and groan!


The natural process is for our heart to share these blessings and so they flow out from our heart in every direction to all hearts and situations everywhere … and in the process, negativities and blockages in our heart that we have experienced as emotional reactivity in the past, are released so our heart becomes freer and the blessings flow smoother.  It’s a wonderful and very meaningful process which can quite rapidly transform our lives in so many ways, connecting us to a purpose we may not have realised we had.






Steve Ray is an Open Heart Instructor who has been working in the field for more than 8 years. He previously worked in the environment movement and in environmental education helping young people create stronger connections with nature and the Earth. He is also a Groupwork Facilitator, helping teams of people to connect with each other and communicate with more heart and compassion.
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